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Canada is home to a number of internationally recognized colleges, known for their academics and excellent career programs. Earning a degree from these top institutions prepares students for employment directly out of school.

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1)      Algonquin College – Ottawa, Ontario

Known for:

  • Certificate and diploma programs
  • International reputation

ALGONQUIN COLLEGE is a hands-on technical institute located in Ottawa, Ontario. Known for their innovative approaches to learning, many programs are highly tech-central and reflect working conditions that students will face after graduation.

Most programs offered in the college are diploma or certification degrees, with over 300 available to students. However, Algonquin College has a constantly evolving list of degrees that is fueled by neighbouring municipalities. Depending on the demands of local communities, the school adapts to provide programs that can fill specific jobs. If local communities are lacking workers for certain occupations, Algonquin College helps fill those demands by providing programs to tackle the gaps in the workforce.


In 2016, it was estimated that over 90% of Algonquin students secured employment within six months of graduating.

2)      British Columbia Institute of Technology – Burnaby, British Columbia

Known for:

  • International school services
  • Technology-related programs
  • Diploma and certificate courses

THE British Columbia Institute of Technology (BCIT) is a polytechnic college located in Burnaby, British Columbia, 20 minutes away from downtown Vancouver.

BCIT specializes in many career programs, notably technology, business, computing, and engineering.  BCIT offers speciality International Student Entry Programs (ISEP), which helps individuals with limited trade and English skills improve their abilities. These programs are specifically designed for students with English as a second language (ESL), developing a strong basis for reading, writing, and language proficiency. This allows ISEP students to apply for other programs at BCIT, making it a perfect venue for non-native English speakers to study in Canada

3)      Dawson College – Montreal, Quebec

Known for:

  • University prep courses
  • Large campus and public transport options
  • Career programs
  • Athletics team

Located in downtown Montreal, Dawson College has excellent collegiate programs that cater to a wide range of faculties. There are currently over 21 career/technical programs to choose from, ranging from medical and engineering studies, business and technology, and applied arts. There are also pre-collegiate programs for those that are looking to further their studies, with a strong demand for international students in recent years.

4)      LaSalle College – Montreal, Toronto, and Vancouver campuses

Known for:

  • International multi-campus college
  • Large variety of programs
  • Language diversity

LASALLE COLLEGE is a comprehensive post-secondary institution that is part of an international community of schools under the LCI Education Network. Partners are located in 22 campuses throughout the world, such as Spain, Australia, and Canada, which is home to three. The school’s mission is geared towards helping students find suitable career programs, with a large focus on international students that make up a significant part of the student body.

In Canada, LaSalle College has many certificate programs that last for approximately one year. Montreal has three different branch schools that offer interdisciplinary degree options, and the Vancouver campus has a special partnership with the Art Institute of Vancouver and the Canadian as a Second Language Institute. Toronto has one campus that offers many programs focusing on digital arts, web development, and business.

5)      New Brunswick Community College – Moncton, New Brunswick

Known for:

  • Affordability
  • Continuing education and online course options
  • Large campus environment

New Brunswick Community College is a beautiful institution comprised of six different campuses, most of which are located next to the rivers of New Brunswick. The college is known for its diverse program options, catering to a wide range of students looking for different trade or certificate programs. Depending on your educational needs, the college offers part-time or continuing education programs for students, with online courses being available as well.

Due to a special partnership deal with the University of New Brunswick, international students with a low IELTS (International English Language Testing System) score are allowed to enrol at the university to help improve it.


NBCC offers low cost tuition programs for international students, with many complete programs under 8,000$ CAD.

6)      Seneca College – Toronto, Ontario

Known for:

  • Academic excellence
  • Innovation
  • Research on trade programs

LOCATED IN Toronto, Ontario, Seneca College is regarded as one of Canada’s greatest colleges, with many certificate and diploma options that are specifically geared towards usable employment skills in the Canadian economy. While it does focus on college programs, Seneca also offers multiple undergraduate and postgraduate degrees for students that are not looking to focus on a specific trade.

Depending on the changing global market, many of the programs offered are modified to better suit employment needs for the future. One of their leading philosophies is helping students prepare for the workforce after graduation, which is accomplished by innovative changes to newly emerging technologies.

7)      Vancouver Community College – Vancouver, British Columbia

Known for:

  • Apprenticeship programs
  • Affordability
  • International services

LOCATED IN Vancouver, British Columbia, Vancouver Community College (VCC) is one of the leading career program schools in the province. VCC offers very reasonable pricing for international students, hosting hundreds worldwide each year, with specialty apprenticeship programs specifically designed for on-the-job experience. There are currently over 20 program fields to choose from, with popular options in design, hospitality, and transportation.

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