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British Columbia (BC) is one of the biggest contributors to the Canadian economy, blessed with an abundance of natural resources making it a key global exporter.

Vancouver is the 3rd largest city by population in the country, with a strong downtown core providing acting as an important economic hub for much of Western Canada. Ranging from business, start-ups, and pharmaceutical sectors, individuals can expect strong employment opportunities such as those found in large North American cities. Vancouver also has a fantastic arts scene, with the film industry playing a huge role in the city’s economic and cultural prominence.


British Columbia has access to many prominent academic institutions. The University of British Columbia has ranked among the best universities in the country as well as the world, and is a leading research institution for much of Canada. The film studies program is incredibly popular, as well as the arts domain, with many programs geared towards encouraged this talent.

The British Columbia Institute of Technology is one of the province’s top colleges, specializing in technology, business, computing, and engineering. With access to many career programs and upgraded facilities, students are prepared to for employment opportunities post-graduation.


The province as a whole has a large emphasis on outdoor lifestyle. In recent years, Vancouver has been rated one of the most liveable cities in the world, which can be attributed to its mild climate, excellent arts and cultural scene, and great social programs. Among the major cities of Canada, Vancouver and many parts of BC have mild winters compared to the rest of Canada, making it a coveted choice to settle in North America.

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