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When looking to study abroad, it’s important to know what housing options exist in your host country. In Canada, students have the option to live anywhere in the city or on-campus in the school’s accommodation.


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Many schools across Canada offer on-campus accommodation for international students. Usually in the form of dorm rooms, students have the option to stay in single or shared units with other international students. The size and variety of accommodation is dependent on the school, but generally, students share certain utilities and spaces within the dorm, such as communal dining areas, kitchen spaces, and activity rooms. In many cases, on-campus accommodation can also include paid food and cleaning services.

Many universities across Canada offer beautiful campus environments for international students at affordable pricing, helping them feel at home during their studies. While colleges tend to be smaller, many of them also have on-campus housing options. If you are wondering which schools would best suit your needs and if you are eligible to study in Canada, take our free online assessment today to get started.

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While on-campus housing makes finding living arrangements easier, the spaces available are generally limited. Therefore, students looking to come to Canada should always keep their options open in case they can’t secure on-campus accommodation.

Off-campus options allow students to choose any location they wish. With many international students looking to venture throughout the city, off-campus housing presents a perfect opportunity to explore your environment. However, it is important to prepare for off-campus housing before you arrive in Canada. Knowing the general location of your housing, public transit options, and the accommodation itself is a good way to prevent any unnecessary difficulties along the way.


In case you are not able to live on-campus, or would like to live somewhere else in the city, many schools have services that can recommend housing options for international students. If you are struggling to find accommodation or want to know more about different burrows of the city, your school’s international services are a good place to start. They can often be contacted even before you arrive in Canada, while also providing a list of options that suit your location and budget.

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