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College Degrees

Colleges around Canada prepare students with career-ready skills that they can use after graduation. In the form of trades and certifications, many individuals are able to enter the workforce directly out of school and pursue employment.

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A diploma is normally awarded to someone who has completed a program that is geared towards a specific job or trade. This encompasses a large variety of employment options, with popular choices being paralegal studies, plumbing, electrical, Information Technology Technician (IT technician), business administration, and accounting. With a shortage of tradespeople in Canada, these programs are incredibly valuable and often have employment opportunities after graduation.

Diploma programs generally span one to three years.

A certification is similar to a diploma but is normally obtained to supplement prior studies.  If you are lacking knowledge in a specific field or want to add specificity to your previous degree, certifications can give you a solid foundation to round out your understanding of the material. This is important when looking to advance in career programs, with certifications often opening more doors to employment. Depending on the career, individuals may need to take certification courses when new technology arises in order to keep up with innovative changes.

Certification programs span anywhere from six months to two years.



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