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Due to the temporary nature of a study permit, many countries force you to leave once you have completed your studies. While this is true for Canada, newly graduated students are eligible to stay in the country and pursue employment opportunities with a Post-Graduation Work Permit (PGWP).


A PGWP is an open work permit visa, allowing individuals to seek employment anywhere within the country after they graduate. Unlike most work visas, you are not tied to a specific employer and do not need a formal job offer to be granted the permit. This allows students to stay in Canada after they graduate and gain valuable work experience while building their professional network.

If you are looking to permanently immigrate to Canada, the career experience you obtain from a PGWP can significantly increase your chances of being accepted!


If you are looking to come to Canada as an international student our team of immigration experts can help you find the right program and school that suits your needs. Once you have graduated, we can also guide you through the process of obtaining your own Post-Graduation Work Permit and even becoming a permanent resident.

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