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As an international student in Canada, your campus environment plays a major role in the quality of your student experience. That’s why schools across the country offer many extracurricular activities and clubs, helping create a fun and interactive environment for all students.

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Social clubs make up the vast majority of extracurricular activities that schools have to offer. In the form of group activities, social clubs present an opportunity for students, old and new, to branch out from the classroom and do what interests them.

These activities can range anywhere from dance groups and cooking classes, to video game clubs and athletic teams. If you have a hobby you enjoy and want to find people who are also interested, social clubs are a good place to start.


While it is important to get out of the classroom, academic clubs are specifically designed to combine social learning environments with studying. Students can work together in groups that are geared towards learning, tutoring, or discussing different academic-related topics. If you are struggling during your studies, these clubs also offer peer programs that are often a good way to get ahead.


Canada is known for being a cultural diverse society, and this philosophy translates very well into the student environment. Cultural clubs offer a huge support network that helps international students comfortably settle when they arrive.

Throughout the first weeks of school, cultural clubs can help ease the process of integration by creating an environment of like-minded individuals that share similar backgrounds. If you are interested in learning more about your school environment before you arrive, you can often contact these organization directly to get a better idea.

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