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Among all the provinces in Canada, Manitoba’s unemployment rate remains one of the lowest, which can be attributed to its thriving economic activity and employment sector. Winnipeg is its largest city and capital, and provides most of the job prospects for individuals living in the province.

Throughout its history and present day, most of Manitoba’s economy has revolved around natural resource exporting. There is currently a large demand for forestry and oil industry workers, with many employment opportunities available for both occupations. The province also relies heavily on mining rare minerals, which are abundant throughout the region. Those looking for teaching positions also have prospects in Manitoba due to a lack of educators in the province.


The University of Manitoba, University of Winnipeg, and Red River College are among the most distinguished post-secondary schools in the province. Both universities offer hundreds of degree options and continuing education programs, with a strong background in the science, business, and visual arts sector. They are also prominent research institutions, with the University of Manitoba being a part of U15, the top 15 research-intensive universities in the country.

Red River College is one of Manitoba’s leading colleges, and also an important innovator as a collegiate research institution. Known for its key advancements in the trades industry, Red River College allows students to help contribute to their specific trades during their studies. While the school specializes in college certifications and diplomas, it also has access to multiple degree programs, with some partnership options with the University of Winnipeg.


Manitoba is the most eastern Prairie Province of Canada, earning its “prairie” denomination from the flatlands across the province. Winnipeg is known for its harsh winters, but the multitude of lakes surrounding the region provide a heat sink during the summer, making it a much milder climate than its eastern counterparts.

Manitoba attracts many tourists throughout the year because of its large polar bear population to the north. With great sightseeing options, people can observe polar bears roaming in their natural habitat. The province is also home to the biggest Icelandic population outside of Iceland, known as New Iceland. They are settlers from the first wave of immigrants coming to Canada from their native land in 1875.

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