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New Brunswick, Prince Edward Island, Nova Scotia, and Newfoundland and Labrador make up the four Atlantic Provinces of Canada. With the ocean playing such a pivotal role in the geography of the provinces, it comes as no surprise that fisheries and aquaculture industries contribute immensely to their economy. In the past, these locations were key regions that could farm for cod, salmon, and haddock, making them incredibly useful for exports and the rest of Canada.

Today, while their economies do depend heavily on fishing, there has been a boom in clean energy farms, namely wind power to help diversify their economy. Due to the weather patterns, parts of Atlantic Canada have ideal regions to set up wind farms. New Brunswick and Newfoundland both have many coniferous trees, with forestry also making up a large part of their economy.

Recently, Nova Scotia’s has begun working to include advancements in Canada’s aerospace industry, which now accounts for almost one third of the province’s economy. Halifax, Nova Scotia’s capital, is an important hub for much of Atlantic Canada, and plays a huge role for tourism in the Maritimes. Moncton and Fredericton located in New Brunswick also act as financial districts, with banks and employment opportunities being highly prevalent.


New Brunswick is home to two very notable universities: the University of New Brunswick and the University of Moncton. The former has a large campus and is a great hub for student-related activities throughout the year, with large on-campus housing available to students. The University of Moncton is a French-speaking university that caters to a large population of Francophones native to the province. Either of these universities attract many international students because of the language diversity that is offered. The University of Prince Edward Island is the only university in the province. It is located in the capital of Charlottetown and includes a beautiful campus that is near the Atlantic Ocean.

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