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Quebec is the largest province of Canada, with many options for employment in a variety of sectors. Manufacturing makes up the vast majority of its economic output, with aerospace engineering, financial institutions, transportation, and biotechnology being the biggest players in the economy. Montreal, Quebec’s biggest city, has a thriving economic sector and creative industry that has taken off over recent years. New advances in research and technology, as well as innovative changes in the job market have all contributed to a diverse and expanding economy. Also, the province is known for its large natural resource reservoirs, with a strong economic influence in aerospace and pharmaceuticals worldwide.


In 2017, Montreal was rated the #1 best student city in the world for its affordability, academic excellence, access to student services, and desirability.  This has made Montreal one of the most internationally sought out destinations to pursue post-secondary education, attracting a large number of students from the U.S., Europe, and Asia.

The Université de Montreal (UdeM), one of Canada’s leading research institutions, is among the top institutions that helped cement Montreal’s reputation as a student-driven city. With many opportunities for both undergraduate and post-graduate studies in either English and French, UdeM attracts many students from all across the globe.

While Quebec is predominantly French-speaking, the province offers a variety of English language schools. McGill University, one of Canada’s most internationally recognized academic institutions, is located in downtown Montreal and is known for its excellent academics and contributions to global research. Along with the University of Toronto and the University of British Columbia, McGill remains a hallmark institution and one of the top schools in North America


Quebec is a stunning province, with large forests and small mountains making up the majority of the landscape. During the fall, the changing of the leaves remains one of the region’s most notable features, with the Saint-Laurence River and Great Lakes adding to the overall beauty.

Quebec is home to Montreal, which houses the largest population of French-speakers in the world after Paris. It is also known as the cultural capital of Canada, with a strong arts scene and large cultural fabric helping it stand out from other North American cities.

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