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With varying weather conditions, Canada has many sporting options that students can choose from throughout the year. Most institutions in the country follow a similar sporting model to the U.S., with popular North American sports making up the majority of athletics.


During the warmer months when the temperature is mild, students can enjoy common sports such as soccer, basketball, football, and rugby. In larger institutions across Canada, students have access to a wider range of options, including, but not limited to: swimming, tennis, track and field, gymnastics, lacrosse, and badminton. If your school does not offer a specific sport, intramural programs in most major cities usually provide some municipal options.


Canada is known for its winters and sporting options available during colder months. For many, hockey, curling, and skiing are considered Canadian staples, with schools often providing options for seasoned or inexperienced players. Other popular sports include ice skating, figure skating, and cross-country skiing.

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While many sports allow athletes to compete against neighbouring institutions, recreational versions are available that are friendlier in nature.


Intramural sports offer year-round athletic options that allow students to play without the school commitment or regulated teams. Instead, these games can focus on simpler matches with a smaller group of individuals. This is a great way to improve your abilities or get out of your comfort zone and try new sports. Depending on the institution, there are often different skill levels available, allowing players to compete with members of the same rank or brush up on sports they’re not well acquainted with.

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