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Alberta is one of Canada’s economic powerhouses, generating large yearly revenues from its strong oil industry. The Alberta tar sands account for most of the province’s income and economic contributions to Canada, and provide many individuals with high-paying jobs. On average, those working in oil production as either engineers, oil rig workers, or in management positions, make approximately 100,000$ CAD a year.

Besides the oil industry, Alberta is also home to two large cities, Calgary and Edmonton, which contribute to the employment sector of the province. With strong downtown and financial cores in both cities, individuals can expect similar working opportunities to those found in economic hubs like Toronto and Montreal.


With big metropolitan cores in Edmonton and Calgary, there are many esteemed colleges and universities located throughout the province.

The University of Alberta is one of the country’s leading academic institutions, and has ranked among the top universities in the world. The school offers a wide variety of degrees for students of all backgrounds, with specialized options in the science and business disciplines. The university is also known for being a giant contributor to Canadian innovation, with its research-intensive background spearheading advancements in the scientific community. In recent years, the university has managed to make incredible progress for the clean energy sector, helping the province move away from its dependence on fossil fuels.

Red Deer College is another prominent institution of Alberta, offering multiple diplomas and certifications for those looking to enter career programs. The college also offers degree options similar to those in universities, with partnership exchanges with the University of Calgary also being possible


While most of Alberta is known for being generally flat, the western part of the province neighbours the famous Rocky Mountains. This is the biggest mountain range in North America and attracts many tourists for activities throughout the year, such as skiing, sightseeing, and hiking. The famous Banff National Park neighbours the Rockies, highlighting its picturesque scenery and beautiful Lake Louise. Alberta is also home to the Calgary Stampede, the largest rodeo event in Canada.

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