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The biggest barrier that most students are faced with when looking to study abroad are tuition and living costs. While most English-speaking countries are quite expensive, Canada is known be an affordable option for international students.

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There are a couple of factors to consider when looking at costs of living, such as location, school tuition, and the lifestyle you intend to live. Depending on the city and school, living costs and tuition can vary greatly. Generally speaking for most Canadian cities, if you choose to live closer to the downtown core, you can expect to have higher living costs. However, since many large cities in Canada have excellent public transportation systems, students have the option to live further from city centres.

On-campus accommodation is also an option students opt for, since many institutions offer housing to suit different budgets. In most cases, students have the option to live by themselves, with a roommate, or have access to paid food services during their stay. However, it is important to note that on-campus housing is limited to a certain quota of students, so it is best that other housing considerations be made to be safe.

Cost Comparison:

According to a recent study, the average annual tuition for an international student’s undergraduate degree was $16, 746 USD. This can be compared to the United Kingdom ($21, 365 USD), Australia ($24,081 USD) and the U.S. ($24,914 USD).

Furthermore, the following is a comparison with regards to annual tuition and living costs between countries:

Country                      Average Annual Tuition & Cost of Living (USD)
Canada $29,947
United Kingdom $35,045
United States $36,564
Australia $42,093

Work While You Study:

While tuition and living costs can be a financial burden to some, international students are also able to work part-time during their studies to help finance their education. This can include on or off-campus work, and allows for full-time employment during scheduled breaks (such as summer or winter break).

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