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Saskatchewan has a diverse economy that contributes to the overall wealth of the province. Known by the moniker “Breadbasket of Canada,” Saskatchewan is one of the world’s leading suppliers of wheat. It is also a prime producer of potash, a key ingredient in fertilizer, making Canada an essential provider of agricultural goods. Similar to other Prairie Provinces, Saskatchewan has an abundance of fossil fuels throughout the region, with the oil industry being a cornerstone of the province’s economy. As such, those looking for jobs in agriculture, engineering, or the fossil fuel industry have good employment prospects in Saskatchewan.

Saskatoon is the largest city in the province, and provides many job opportunities that rural cities and towns lack. Recent advancements in the tech industry have helped the province diversify its economy, with nuclear and particle beam research being vital elements to its growing economy.



Saskatchewan is home to a variety of prominent schools, namely the Saskatchewan Polytechnic, the University of Saskatchewan, and the University of Regina.

The Saskatchewan Polytechnic is one of the most renowned colleges in Canada, sporting strong academic options for a variety of trade programs, diplomas, and certifications. Currently, there are a number of departments that offer co-operative components in their curriculum, allowing individuals to get on-the-job experience while they study. Saskatchewan Polytechnic also provides specialty apprenticeship programs, allowing you to work in tandem with professionals in your field.

The University of Saskatchewan is located in the province’s biggest city, Saskatoon. Known for its lovely landscapes by the South Saskatchewan River, the university has been rated one of the most beautiful campuses in the country. There are currently over 20, 000 students enrolled in the university in more than 14 different faculties, and the school acts as one of Canada’s leading research institutions. Particle beam technology, nuclear energy, infectious disease measures, as well as other prominent scientific advancements, have all come from the research conducted at the university.

The University of Regina is located in the province’s capital, and is another prominent academic institution in Saskatchewan. As of late, the university has been conducting multiple research initiatives gearing up towards a shift in renewable energies. There is currently a heavy reliance on oil that impacts the province’s carbon footprint, and the university has found innovative ways to capture and reduce CO2 emissions. With the Paris Climate Summit urging the world to go green, many universities all throughout Canada are conducting research to forgo our dependence on fossil fuels by focusing on renewables.


Saskatchewan is located in the center of Canada and is the Prairie Province that borders the U.S. to the south, Manitoba to the east, and Alberta to the west. While Saskatchewan is known for its flatland landscape, it also has a number of sand dunes that are present throughout the province, acting as a great source of tourism year round.

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